Traditionally the hakama was full-flowing pants- clothing (somewhat like full-length culottes!) worn distinctly by men in Japan. The nature of the material, the style, and shade of the hakama reflected the wearer’s station throughout life.

There existed both partitioned (like jeans) and unified (like a skirt) renditions of the hakama, requiring the utilization of horseback or manually labor commonly picking the separated variant. The contemporary usage of the hakama is frequently for hand to hand fighting preparing and exhibitions or conventional/formal wear and can be worn by the two people.

The hakama can have either five or seven pleats; while the previous is most normal, the last is viewed as progressively promising since the number seven is accepted to have uncommon numeric/fortunate properties and brings good karma. The five-crease form by and large mirrors the five ethics “gotoku” of Japanese customary society. The seven-pleatshakama speaks to the Warrior’s Code or bushido. Wearing the hakama symbolizes the customs go down starting with one age of warriors then onto the next.

The seven pleats, represent to the traditional honors of the samurai, are separated into five on the front and two on the back of the hakama.

The five on the front are lopsidedly set with three to the right side and two to the left side. The five front pleats speak to:

  • Yuki (fearlessness, valor)
  • Jin (humanity, consideration)
  • Gi (equity, nobility)
  • Rei (cordiality, thoughtfulness)
  • Makoto (genuineness, trustworthiness)
  • The two pleats in back refer to
  • Chugi (loyalty)
  • Meiyo (respect, dignity).

There are a few present-day minor departures from the excellencies spoken to by the seven pleats. These contain Jin, Gi, and Rei from the traditional version. The fourth and fifth front pleats are Chi (wisdom, intellect) and Shin (genuineness) rather than Yuki and Makoto. The back two pleats in the modern version are Chu (loyalty) and Koh (devotion) rather than the traditional Chugi and Meiyo. There is a wide range to fold a hakama, yet all fundamentally enable the piece of clothing to be put away so with regards to the safeguard the creases.


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