Sensai: Larry Gravett.


Sensei Gravett has been practicing Kokikai Aikido since 1992 and is a 5th-degree black belt. He became interested in Kokikai Aikido from a friend who said that this martial art would help in other aspects of life. Sensei Gravett, who is also a professional jazz pianist, was skeptical about how a martial art could help his musical talent. However, Sensei Gravett will admit that this martial art has helped him musically. The area of Kokikai Aikido that intrigued Sensei Gravett the most was the concept of “Ki.” After practicing for some time, it became evident that Kokikai Aikido was not about muscle or brute strength but about minimum effort and doing things naturally and correct. After observing Kokikai Aikido founder Shuji Maruyama demonstrate technique effortlessly, Sensei Gravett witnessed the elusive concept of “Ki” as part of the technique. Sensei Maruyama would always say, “If I can do it, you can do it.”

Sensei Gravett loves Kokikai Aikido because there is no competition in practice. Aikido is not about fighting but harmonizing with everyone and everything. (Harmonizing – another musical connection). Kokikai Aikido is about helping each student become better and grow stronger with the coordination of the mind and body. Unfortunately, not everyone is friendly and self-defense is important to know. This is why Sensei Gravett has chosen to teach Kokikai Aikido, the “Peaceful Art.” Sensei Gravett has witnessed others grow in this martial art and even continue to practice in their 80’s. The Art of Kokikai Aikido has helped Sensei Gravett and believes it can help others by reducing stress in their daily lives. Kokikai Aikido will put a smile on your face and help you walk this earth more comfortably.

Dojo-Sensai: Larry Gravett